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Have you noticed how many players are using tape to keep their shin guards secure?  At least 50% of teen players use some kind of tape or wrap.  But often they are using tape or wrap that is NOT meant to secure shin guards. They are using tapes meant for the electrical trade or to immobilze muscles.  These other tapes restrict blood flow and movement.   And during a 70 – 90 minute game the final score can depend on the fitness of the player.
Premier Sock Tape and Shin Guard Tape expand as the muscles warm keeping the player at optimal performance levels.  We offer extra long rolls giving almost twice as many wraps, we have 13 colors of sock Tape and 11 colors of shin guard tape to coordiate with team colors and our tape will not leave a gummy tape stain on your socks.


Soccer Clubs and School Teams who do fundraising will love how easy it is to make money selling Premier Sock Tape.  Your players are already taping so why not raise money for the team selling a product your players are already using?  Contact us at premiersocktapeusa@att.net to learn more.



We have two options: (note all prices are in US Dollars)


The team buys our products at 30% off the suggested retail price.  They then sell the products to their own players, at their team store or at their tournaments at a retail price and keep the profit.  On our sock tape that ends up being $1.50 per roll if sold at our retail price of $4.99.




The team takes pre-orders at retail prices and collects the forms and money. They deposit the retail money and then place an order with Premier Sock Tape and pay the fundraising price keeping the difference of 30%.


We can easily set a contact person up as a fundraising buyer on our website. And we can send you order forms if you wish to take pre-orders.


A few other things to know:


  • The team is responsible to pay any sales taxes, duties or customs on the products.
  • The purchase must be made on a credit card.
  • We will buy back any unopened packages at the end of the season at the same price you bought it. You pay the return shipping.


Thanks for your interest in our fundraising program! Just let us know when you are ready to get started.





Retail Stores  

Premier Sock Tape offers great wholesale pricing, easy ordering and multiple shipping methods.  If you are not carrying a proper soccer tape you are losing sales to hardware stores.  How about keeping those sales in your shop?   Please contact us about carrying Premier Sock Tape products in your store.  We can send you product descriptions and a price list.  We also can work with your during the tournament season.  Just ask us how.   Email us at premiersocktapeusa@att.net to get started.



If you have a website dedicated to soccer or sporting goods, we make it easy and profitable to sell Premier Sock Tape products to your customers.  Contact us about our drop ship program and see how easy it is to make money.  Write us at premiersocktapeusa@att.net to learn more.